Lawyer and non-verbal communication

"No mortal can keep a secret: if the lips remain silent, they speak the fingers". Thus spoke the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, in the first decades of the twentieth century. He was already convinced that in interpersonal communication only the discourses between one or more individuals but also the unspoken words were not important. What is generally identified … Read moreLawyer and non-verbal communication

Managing a law firm is how to run a business?

The logo that represents your studio must become a real brand. Let's take an example. Going through the boutiques of the center when you see a bag or a shoe by Valentino or Gucci, what do you think? I allow myself to answer your place. Perhaps in class, style, wealth, Made in Italy? The same should happen when someone … Read moreManaging a law firm is how to run a business?