Ambober became the most important Jewish school since the 1960s. It is situated some 12 kms. Southeast of the regional capital, Gondar.

The Sigd:

The sigd is probably the most important holiday of the Beta Israel. It is important to them not because it is the holiest day, but because it is unique to them. It occurs some fifty days after the Yom Kippur. On that day, the community gathers on a top of a mountain and fasts and prays for God's Covenant, and the return of the Jewish People to the Holyland.


Is the most important means of living in Ethiopia. The plowing instrument is still an ancient type of tool pulled usually by two oxen, followed by a man who controls it.

Qes Menasie Zemru:

was born in Wogera (Gondar) between the years 1906 - 1910. He was educated by prominent religious leaders of Semien and Wogera, among whom were also monks. He was one of the most important religious leaders of the community.He died in Israel in 1998.


Is a kind of basket used for serving food. With its height of about half a meter, it combines the function of table and dishes.